Lanesboro, MA 01237

Originally known for its iron works and marble quarries, today it’s a quiet town with active commercial enterprises and home to the 90-store Berkshire Mall. It has frontage on 480 acre Pontoosuc Lake (shared with Pittsfield), roads leading to Mt. Greylock’s summit, the state’s highest peak, Jiminy Peak Ski Resort in Hancock and is the southern start of the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail. Henry Wheeler Shaw, whose penname was Josh Billings, was a native son.

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Public School District
Hancock – Lanesborough
Lanesborough – Lanesborough
New Ashford (non-op) – Lanesborough
Richmond – Lanesborough

Public School
Lanesborough Elementary – Lanesborough

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  • 2786600,1524600,4073700,2544399,1406900,234900,0,943900,1233699,249000,639700,4629700
  • 1671900,823900,1563800,839700,929600,760799,0,644900,0,249000,1084599,858000
  • 491800,1836500,1221100,1174000,784700,469700,470899,459800,389900,255000,49900,1332799

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  • 369900.00,299900.00,339900.00,314900.00,369450.00,399000.00,414000.00,399000.00,289900.00,269999.00,289900.00,289450.00
  • 162000.00,344900.00,202400.00,587000.00,289900.00,129900.00,179900.00,229900.00,389900.00,255000.00,49900.00,249000.00

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