About the Board

Our mission is to support our members by providing services to enhance their ability to conduct businesses ethically, competently and with integrity.

A Close Look at the Board of REALTORS

The Berkshire County Board of Realtors® is a strong and thriving trade association geared to service professional real estate licensees in the region. Only those who pledge themselves to a higher level of ethical business practice can elect to join the Board and can use the term REALTOR®.  Currently there are over 500 REALTORS in Berkshire County, and over 1 million nationwide. Our focus on education and learning is paramount – enhancement of professional practice is a key initiative for our Board.

In addition to the Berkshire County Board of REALTORS not-for profit real estate trade association, the Board also owns the Multiple Listing Service, Inc. to manage the property listings and cooperative marketplace.

Both organizations have paid professional staff and elected leaders that govern the workings of both companies so that consumers are protected, Realtors can thrive and the Berkshire community can have an orderly real estate governance.  We have a small staff and a large cadre of volunteers from the real estate professional community.

You can submit suggestions for the Board to consider, or reach out and contact them (shown below) to discuss any issues you may have. The Board takes member input very seriously and considers all requests and suggestions.

Sandra J. Carroll, Chief Executive Officer
For all matters related to the Berkshire REALTORS, MLS or complaints, copyright infringement or general operations.
Email: Sandy@BerkshireRealtors.com, Phone: (413) 442-8049 x 3

Sue O’Brien, Member Services Administrator
For matters related to billing, complaints, education and membership services.
Email: Sue@BerkshireRealtors.com, Phone: (413) 442-8049 x 2

Linda Buttlieri, Member Service Coordinator
For matters related to the MLS, membership details, and general questions.
Email: Linda@BerkshireRealtors.com, Phone: (413) 442-8049 x 1

Past President’s and Past Boards