Cheshire, MA 01225

Many have passed through Cheshire on their travels of the Appalachian Trail, but people from all walks of life are proud to call this lovely town home, where friendly people are abundant. Once known for glass making, now residents take great pride in the open space and lovely views of the mountain ranges to the east and west. The downtown area is small but active, including the town hall, the post office and the elementary school. Shopping and employment opportunities are nearby. Visitors and residents take advantage of the proximity of the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail and the beautiful Cheshire Reservoir for recreation.

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School Data from

Public School District
Adams (non-op) – Cheshire
Adams-Cheshire – Cheshire
Cheshire (non-op) – Cheshire

Public School
Cheshire Elementary – Cheshire
Hoosac Valley Middle & High School – Cheshire

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