Egremont, MA 01230, 01252, 01258

The villages of North Egremont and South Egremont, the latter on the National Register of Historic Places, comprise the Town of Egremont that borders New York State. Its rural settings, beautiful hillside views, popular restaurants, small shops, Catamount ski resort and a town park are attractions for the year-round and vacation home owners. Recreational waters include the 57 acre Prospect Lake and the Green River.

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  • 0,4098000,8703000,12345000,2873000,4784900,1752900,4500000,0,0,0,21995000
  • 2235000,0,2733000,4270000,5054000,1893000,6803000,2565000,1295000,0,844000,499000
  • 0,1350000,0,1014000,3943000,1375000,5209000,5399000,1354000,5024000,1295000,0

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  • 987500.00,1150000.00,875000.00,1362500.00,1150000.00,1295000.00,899900.00,899900.00,1150000.00,599500.00,824950.00,899900.00
  • 0,675000.00,0,507000.00,899500.00,1375000.00,1200000.00,895000.00,677000.00,875000.00,1295000.00,0

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