Great Barrington, MA 01230

South County’s strong second home market plays an important role in Great Barrington’s healthy downtown economy, boasting many restaurants from haute cuisine to pub grub, a popular triplex cinema, the restored historic Mahaiwe Theatre, and yet it retains its small town charm. Butternut Ski Basin is at the eastern edge of town; recreational waters include 35 acre Mansfield Pond, 35 acre Benedict Pond, 113 acre Long Pond, and the Williams River.

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School Data from

Public School
Monument Mt Regional High – Great Barrington
Monument Valley Regional Middle School – Great Barrington
Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School – Great Barrington

Private (Non-Public/Non-Special Ed) Schools
Brookside School – Great Barrington
Great Barrington Waldorf High School – Great Barrington
John Dewey Academy – Great Barrington
Rudolph Steiner – Great Barrington


Special Education School
Eagleton School – Great Barrington
JRI Berkshire Meadows – Housatonic

Great Schools Data

Market Overview

  • 14800000,13445795,10218800,6590000,11847900,7748000,1295000,9248000,1862900,18534000,28472400,23682000
  • 1652000,8126999,9319000,3171800,4790000,1460000,2719000,3580000,3642900,5301400,8237400,5517500
  • 7120000,2718000,14360999,6353900,9321000,4534000,805000,2755000,3470000,2357900,3023500,7660300

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The yellow line represents the dollar value of the new listings entered into the MLS for this area each month.  The blue line shows the dollar volume of listings that were marked as sale pending each month and the red line indicates the dollar volume of sold listings each month for this region.  If you cursor over the line, you will see the exact number.

Residential Median Home Values amp;01230

  • 919500.00,975000.00,864000.00,864000.00,849000.00,797500.00,730000.00,575000.00,562500.00,587500.00,696750.00,849000.00
  • 599000.00,534500.00,551999.50,737000.00,849000.00,995000.00,402500.00,995000.00,995000.00,554950.00,537000.00,487000.00

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The yellow line tracks the median home values of each month for the entire market region, while the blue line shows the median value of sold properties for the same region.