Lee, MA 01238

The town with the shortest name in the Commonwealth. Paper mills were the town’s major industries and a few remain; its famed marble was used to partially construct the US Capitol. Lee, “The Gateway to the Berkshires,” has increased its share of the Berkshires tourist industry by beautifying its downtown and welcoming the Lee Premium Outlet Village just off Exit 2 of the Mass Pike. Recreational waters include 170 acre Laurel Lake (shared with Lenox), 225 acre Lower Goose Pond, 42 acre Upper Goose Pond (shared with Tyringham), 104 acre Woods Pond, and the Housatonic River.

Town Websites:

  • Town of Lee: Official Website of the Town of Lee, MA Government
  • Lee Chamber of Commerce: The Lee Chamber of Commerce is working for the business community to enhance growth, develop expansion opportunities and attract tourism. Through a membership, leadership and cultural expertise, the Chamber provides assistance and advocacy, and is helping sustain Lee as the Gateway of the Berkshires.

School Data from Mass.gov:

Public School District
Lee – Lee
Tyringham (non-op) – Lee

Public School
Lee Elementary – Lee
Lee Middle/High School – Lee

Private (Non-Public/Non-Special Ed) Schools
St Mary – Lee


Special Education School
Berkshire Center – Lee
The College Internship Program (CIP) – Lee

Great Schools Data

Market Overview

  • 4627800,3148600,1499800,1244900,1815000,5042900,1099750,2293800,0,1687900,2159000,9891500
  • 2641800,2500000,1328700,440000,0,1819800,1479900,1657900,1449700,1648000,2558750,2297900
  • 2059000,3223700,3019900,1336900,734900,235000,795000,2224800,1228900,1809700,1507800,704000

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Residential Median Home Values amp;Lee

  • 364000.00,437000.00,324500.00,460000.00,460000.00,460000.00,487450.00,649000.00,665000.00,675000.00,665000.00,599450.00
  • 599000.00,371950.00,389000.00,329450.00,367450.00,235000.00,795000.00,395000.00,460000.00,354950.00,314000.00,352000.00

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