New Marlborough, MA 01259, 01244, 01230

Five separate villages with historic centers comprise the town. Still very rural, the town with its valleys and hills provides privacy, farms, authentic New England charm and is a favorite for summer residents. Recreational waters include 196 acre Lake Buel (shared with Monterey) and 100 acre Windemere Lake.


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No schools are located in New Marlborough, MA.

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  • 24120000,3583000,669895,2504900,3489995,2724000,1548900,1430000,4134000,139900,1538000,2750000
  • 1799000,0,2959000,2115000,1169900,11689995,369000,1980000,2799000,590000,1263900,649900
  • 9569000,4548000,1250000,4449000,0,625000,11689995,1100000,1664000,2585000,899000,1379800

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  • 1370000.00,1345000.00,1272500.00,1147500.00,1222500.00,1222500.00,899000.00,822000.00,822000.00,730000.00,737500.00,822000.00
  • 2060000.00,2274000.00,1250000.00,1160000.00,0,625000.00,1100000.00,295000.00,832000.00,1292500.00,899000.00,590000.00

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