North Adams, MA 01247

Proud to be the smallest city in the commonwealth, North Adams is emerging from a declining mill town to a vibrant center for contemporary art. It is a unique haven for artists, with the presence of MASS MoCA, the (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art), the Eclipse Mill and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Known as the city of Steeples for the spires of its many churches, you find lovely views descending into North Adams from Route 2 or traveling on narrow, twisting streets that climb steep hills throughout the city. North Adams is the western gateway to the famous Mohawk Trail and boasts breathtaking views of the Berkshire hills and Mount Greylock (the state’s tallest summit).

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School Data from

Public School District
Clarksburg – North Adams
Florida – North Adams
Monroe (non-op) – North Adams
North Adams – North Adams
Northern Berkshire Regional Vocational Technical – North Adams
Savoy – North Adams

Public School
Brayton – North Adams
Charles McCann Vocational Technical – North Adams
Drury High – North Adams
Greylock – North Adams
J S Sullivan – North Adams

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  • 5427100,2382200,2745100,2363800,2136600,973800,1809500,2904300,848700,2627600,3631100,2138600

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