REACT Update: The Giving Garden

Ah, the beautiful, blustery days of…Spring?!  Yes, Spring really is here and soon the days will turn to warm sunshine, and the ground will thaw and before we know it we’ll be tilling soil and planting vegetables and flowers with thoughts of the hot days of summer and delicious home grown food on our tables.  The Giving Garden does just that, and makes dreams of healthy, delicious and nutritious food on the table come true for the less fortunate of our communities who otherwise would not have access to nature’s bounty.

Our REACT committee contributed seed money – literally – to The Giving Garden out of the proceeds of our Red Hots Raffle at the Annual Meeting last year.  This is such a worthwhile cause, we ask you to consider a donation too.  Just a few dollars can buy packets of seeds that turn into beautiful fruits and vegetables for sharing and caring.  Please go to The Giving Garden GoFundMe page.  All donations are greatly appreciated!