Stockbridge, MA 01262

Famous for the renowned Red Lion Inn, its Main Street was immortalized in a painting by Norman Rockwell. Home to the popular Norman Rockwell Museum, you can also view excellent productions at the Berkshire Theatre Festival or tour historic homes that are open for the public. Chesterwood, the home and studio of famed sculptor Daniel Chester French, is enjoyed by art lovers of all ages. Recreational waters include 372 acre Stockbridge Bowl (Lake MahKeeNac).

Town Websites:

  • Town of Stockbridge: Official Website of the Town of Stockbridge, MA Government
  • Stockbridge Chamber of Commerce: The Stockbridge Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, membership organization that is dedicated to promoting and improving the economic welfare of the Town of Stockbridge since 1986.

School Data from

Public School District
Berkshire Hills – Stockbridge
Great Barrington (non-op) – Stockbridge
Stockbridge (non-op) – Stockbridge
West Stockbridge (non-op) – Stockbridge

Great Schools Data

Market Overview

  • 2494000,4867900,8329895,2407000,2844000,2231900,944900,4305000,1184500,1954000,1698000,1750000
  • 1998000,3264000,4497900,2442000,2364000,1827000,725000,3886000,2658500,0,849000,419000
  • 349000,1248000,3868000,3694900,4456000,2048000,1269000,725000,2294000,1843500,1410000,849000

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Residential Median Home Values amp;Stockbridge

  • 1146000.00,1197500.00,899000.00,998497.50,998497.50,997000.00,998497.50,999995.00,842497.50,1295000.00,1295000.00,1415000.00
  • 349000.00,624000.00,942000.00,935000.00,799000.00,514000.00,634500.00,725000.00,450000.00,595000.00,705000.00,849000.00

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