Tyringham, MA 01264

A “Hinterland Settlement,” with a downtown consisting of a post office, a small library and a town hall, there are a couple of B&B’s, famed sculptor Henry Kitson’s unique art gallery, some farms and beautiful views from the hills. Hop Brook in Tyringham is considered by sportsmen to be one of the five best trout streams in the country and President Grover Cleveland, visiting friends with his wife at a summer home in Tyringham, fished Hop Brook. Recreational waters also include Goose Pond (shared with Lee).

School Data from Mass.gov:

No schools located in Tyringham, MA.

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  • 0,4375000,598000,0,549000,729900,650000,0,0,0,989000,799000
  • 0,950000,0,598000,0,0,650000,0,450000,0,0,1788000
  • 0,0,0,950000,0,598000,0,0,0,650000,450000,0

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  • 524950.00,599900.00,599900.00,598950.00,549000.00,639450.00,729900.00,1164950.00,729900.00,1164950.00,1164950.00,799000.00
  • 0,0,0,950000.00,0,598000.00,0,0,0,650000.00,450000.00,0

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