West Stockbridge, MA 01266

Its downtown revitalized in the 1980’s, it sparkles with brightly painted stores and galleries, several restaurants and markets. The town hills and valleys afford beautiful vistas for both seasonal and year-round residents. West Stockbridge is at Exit 1 of the Mass Turnpike. The West Stockbridge peaks range from 500 to 900 feet above sea level and its principal stream is the Williams River. Recreational waters include several ponds in addition to the Williams River.

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No schools located in West Stockbridge, MA

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  • 2195000,2983900,4918000,0,6405888,961500,0,4450000,0,4999888,0,1900000
  • 2584000,1298900,1775000,5356500,6248000,942000,0,599000,2995000,0,0,550000
  • 0,1216750,4204000,649900,415000,9557500,1503000,1486000,599000,0,0,2995000

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  • 1200000.00,785000.00,849000.00,849000.00,452000.00,779000.00,599000.00,641750.00,324500.00,641750.00,959000.00,1324500.00
  • 0,608375.00,785000.00,649900.00,415000.00,4778750.00,449000.00,743000.00,599000.00,0,0,2995000.00

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