Williamstown, MA 01267

Because of its breathtaking views and scenic countryside, this unique community is known as “The Village Beautiful”. Nestled in the northwest corner of the state, bordering Vermont and New York, it is a residential community that is the home of Williams College, a highly selective liberal arts institution. Williamstown is also host to many celebrities during the summer season at the Williamstown Theater Festival and is the home of the Sterling and Clark Art Institute, housing one of the world’s largest collections of Renoir and other impressionists.

Town Websites:

  • Town of Williamstown: Official Website of the Town of Williamstown, MA Government
  • Destination Williamstown: Website created by a group of community members who love where they live and want to share it with the world.
  • Williamstown Chamber of Commerce: The Williamstown Chamber of Commerce serves Williamstown and our neighboring communities by supporting efforts in communication, education and coordination of our members, our residents and our visitors.

School Data from Mass.gov:

Public School District
Mount Greylock – Williamstown
Williamstown – Williamstown

Public School
Mt Greylock Regional High – Williamstown
Williamstown Elementary – Williamstown

Private (Non-Public/Non-Special Ed) Schools
Buxton School Inc – Williamstown
Pine Cobble – Williamstown

Great Schools Data

Market Overview

  • 5422800,4772600,4329500,4627900,3452000,889900,2429000,475000,1323500,2234900,4715800,7602700
  • 3262700,6566800,4520570,2472900,1575000,5545800,580000,758900,898500,744000,3155900,4463900
  • 3401000,3167800,4722900,8644570,2867800,4252900,4295800,1830000,309900,1123000,549500,1266000

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Residential Median Home Values amp;Williamstown

  • 699000.00,797000.00,432499.50,612450.00,424499.50,599900.00,595000.00,560000.00,537250.00,560000.00,595000.00,852000.00
  • 739000.00,524950.00,429500.00,588385.00,599900.00,577000.00,329000.00,915000.00,309900.00,349000.00,549500.00,454000.00

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